John Irving

A Prayer for Owen Meany might be in my top five list. This week I discovered that John Irving has a new book out - Last Night in Twisted River. I bought the e-book today.

I'm planning to start reading it tomorrow, because right now I have to go put on some very strange clothes for the party of the year. I'm not terrifically interested in parties, but I really like party food, so I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. If I could go to a party where I didn't know anyone and would never see them again, I'd probably just pull a comfortable chair up to the buffet table, open a book and have the perfect evening.

It's not that I'm antisocial, but what is the attraction? For me, it's the food, and not much else. I guess I just don't get the concept of a lot of people milling around, altering their mental state and then trying to carry on a conversation. I smile and nod a lot, but rarely give any input. Who will remember, another day? I could try to remember how to speak a foreign language, and would likely be mildly amusing to no one but myself.

I'd rather read a book.


  1. That's hilarious, Steph..."altering their mental state then trying to carry on a conversation."! You would rather not work at a book and it's hand fed. :-) I certainly get the concept: Myself, I turn into a "character"...Serving lots of food!



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