Excellent Classroom Moment

During silent (and I mean, you could hear a pin drop) reading time today (novels) one of my students popped out with, "Stupid Idiot!" at which we all chuckled. We knew the character in his novel had just done something dumb.
While they've all probably yelled at sports figures or characters on TV at one time or another, the chances of any of these kids talking out loud to a character in a book before are pretty slim.
They're all reading, which is also an amazing feat. Every single one of these students comes to high school and to my class telling me how much they hate to read. It's a pretty astounding transformation in just six months.
Color me proud.


  1. absolutely an astounding feat. as someone still fairly fresh out of high school, the lack of literacy and even drive/motivation to acquire basic grammar and language skills is absolutely abysmal. Nice work, Aunt Steph....it must be some job getting high schoolers to read :)

  2. Jack - especially when they ALL come into class in the fall telling me how much they hate to read!


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