Beastly, by Alex Flinn

This is an amazing story, and I highly recommend you read it before you see the new film that has been created.  I'm not sure why movie-makers feel a need to change wonderful stories, but it seems they always do. 

This is a modern re-telling of the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast. The story is set in New York City, and the boy who is soon to become the beast, Kyle Kingsbury, has gone out of his way to offend a witch. 

Using modern features like chat rooms to tell the story, Flinn knows the hearts of teens, and she writes from the male point of view with a certain wry humor and does so adroitly. 

Flinn sticks fairly closely to the script, but her secondary characters are just as endearing or as maddening as is the protagonist.  Linda, Magda, Kendra, Will, and two pretty lousy fathers are fleshed out in detail, and we come to appreciate more than just Kyle's perspective, as he is tranformed into a real beast, and then into something much more.

Go to Alex Flinn's page to read an exerpt. 


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