Odysseus - Master Strategist

Started teaching the Odyssey this week. So far, we haven't read a word of it, but have been spending a lot of time discussing Homer, the Trojan war, sneak attacks, and the movie Troy.

The most amazing thing is, the students who have the knowledge of the Trojan war (mostly because they watched Troy) are really excited and want to share what they know.

And so, it's proved once again, students actually LIKE to know stuff. They want to participate in class, but so often they have no background knowledge that they feel they have nothing to add to the discussion.

What's even more interesting is they are really on board with the idea that if they can understand 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, they can understand Homer. Given that they haven't started to read (or rather, listen to me read and follow along) yet, I can only hope that if I keep re-emphasizing that point, they'll keep buying it!


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