Why hasn't anyone written a book about me?

I now have two friends who have had books written about them. I might be getting a complex, but I'm wondering, how boring is my life?

The first friend must remain nameless, because he has sworn me to secrecy.

The second, however embarrassed he might be, has allowed me to post about the book. What's really cool is that his mom wrote it about his boyhood (although I'm sure she exaggerated the cute factor).

The author is Sara Case Mamika, and the title is First Snow. I recommend this book for any child whose parent is away for any reason, but especially to military children whose parents are deployed.

Doug's dad is in the Navy, and away on a deployment when Doug sees his first snow. He longs to have a snowball fight with his dad, but by the time he returns, the snow will be long gone. Read First Snow to discover how Doug and his dad enjoy the snow together in the summer.

Click the title of this post to find the book at Barnes & Noble.


  1. Would you like me to write a book about you, Steph? On second thought....We should write one together..."Over The Years"...Being a Moderator, and Participant, on B&N.. A Success Story? Or, "What's Life Without Books" Or, "In A Word" How Many People Can I Offend"! Ha!



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