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Just downloaded this title on my Kindle... how many times have you read about history, and laughed? Or looked forward to history class? If you had history teachers like I did, you probably slept. I love history, but reading a dry text is a sure-fire way to beat insomnia. Mental Floss's History books are filled with the facts you want to know, infused with humor and written in an engaging style.

With chapter titles like "Drunk and Illiterate (and Not Just a Little Bit) (1815-1850)," I can't help by try to guess who was illiterate... Jackson? Or who might have been drunk... Preston Brooks, the cane-wielding congressman, who beat Senator Sumner down for calling out his Uncle Andrew on slavery?

In any case, I can tell the dirty dishes and laundry are going to pile up while I time-travel with Will Pearson.

I'm probably going to take notes.


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