Isabel's Bed, by Elinor Lipman

This is a novel which will make you want to become a ghost writer.  There are some incredibly interesting stories out there, but Isabel's story is one that needed to be written. Present when her lover was murdered by his wife, Isabel and her (estranged?) husband move to Cape Cod, and she hires Harriet (recently evicted by her boyfriend of 12 years) to write her story.

Without giving much of anything away, I will say that I was transported to Cape Cod and found some solace there.  Harriet gets a serious upgrade to the place where she hangs her hat, and who wouldn't want that?  It's a gig I'd take myself, because how could you resist "living in a house with many beds and a big-mouth blonde"?

Elinor Lipman has captivated me with many of her previous novels, and her dry humor and keen sense of the absurd make Isabel's Bed the sort of novel you can lose yourself in on a crowded airplane with a small child kicking the back of your seat while emitting sounds that might awaken the comatose. I certainly did.

Here is a link to Elinor's website; I know you'll come away feeling as though you've made a friend.


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