Mini-Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella

"The minute you have a child, it's as if you've turned into a box on an Internet site that says, Please add all your rude and offensive comments here." 

And with that horribly true line, the memories start flowing in.  I remember the judging, the raised eyebrows, the slight head shakes, and worst of all, the sentences that started Bless her heart, she's just... and ended with some explanation of how I was failing as a mother. My daughter hated everyone but me for the first year of her life. She's still not too keen on most people, and now she's in high school.  But up until she was about five, she was on my hip. She was a flyweight, and held on herself. It didn't bother me at all. In fact, I miss it now. The looks I got! Like she would be on my hip until she was thirty or something. 

So, Minnie is something of a nightmare.  And Becky?  She cannot stand firm.  She also really dislikes being judged (even by the nanny they hire to straighten Minnie out a bit) and spends quite a bit of time sabotaging herself.  But if she didn't, it certainly couldn't be a Shopaholic book.

You will laugh and cringe through Mini-Shopaholic, as Becky works hard to sneak a huge event in under budget and surprise everyone, especially her dear husband Luke.


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