11/22/63 Stephen King - Part 1 Watershed Moment

This is the set-up. Get the reader to buy in to your fantasy, which King does with ease and aplomb. Our man Jake Epping is going back to save the world, before JFK is assassinated and the civil rights battle spirals out of control. Jake has nothing to lose; if it doesn't work out there's a reset. How convenient is that? 
Because of the reset feature, and the fact that his mentor, diner owner Al, is dying of cancer, and quickly, I am wondering all kinds of things. King has never used easy or pat, so the convenience of the reset is probably going to be a problem. The cancer is another story. Apparently Al, has been going back through history for quite a while. Vacationing and fishing, eating, drinking, and making money. Some people get untreatable cancer.  Is it just a device to put our man up against the past, or does the past cause cancer? Remains to be seen. 
King has suckered me before, led me down paths with which I thought I was familiar, and then pushed me into an icy river with a strong current and lots of jagged rocks. I'm wearing some protection this time.  


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