11/22/63 Stephen King - Part 2 The Janitor's Father

Our man Jake has gone through the wormhole after making the decision to save Hoptoad Harry's family.  Harry is from Derry, and after procuring the coolest car imaginable - a Sunliner - Jake makes his way to Derry.  He finds it to be an unhappy place - a place that has something "wrong" with it.  There have been murders of children, and he meets two teen who seem to think the "bad times" are over.  We know better, of course.

King is foreshadowing something evil.  Al refers to him as the Yellow Card Man, but when Jake goes through the second time, he's the Orange Card Man.  Something has changed.

Jake (as George in the past) find out everything he can, because he failed to do some research on Harry's father before he left.  He talks to a whole lot of people, and we know he cannot succeed, because we've found out that the past resists change.

At the end of this section, we're starting to think that Jake/George might just prefer the past.


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