11/22/63 Stephen King - Part 3 Living in the Past

Jake, in advance of Lee Oswald, heads for Dallas in a hurry when life in Florida gets too hot. Not talking weather, so you'll have to read for yourself to see what I mean. 
Dallas, like Derry, is giving Jake the Heebie Jeebies. Something is wrong, and he senses it. Finally the place becomes intolerable and he heads out to find a good place to bide his time since Oswald is still in the USSR. This he does, in a town called Jodie. 
Once a teacher, always a teacher, Jake gets in at the high school and becomes integral. I can foresee problems with this, but Jake/George is ignoring them, or hasn't figured out how he might be adding to the butterfly effect. 
King again ropes us in at the end of this section with mysterious links to the Yellow/Orange Card Man, and I can feel my heart rate accelerate just a bit. Nicely played, Mr. King. 


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